Sunday, August 13, 2006

Piper Pepper Pastel Lesson

I am a member of an internet group of artist's- vpon, which stands for Virtual Paint-out Newwork. You can find the link to vpon on the right of my blog if you want to check it out. I did an live, over the internet pastel lesson last week. I had everyone use the same reference the pepper above and they painted it with my was really quite interesting and fun. I spoke on a mic and watched them through their web cams, they were allowed to only type (I like that type of talking back)
Some of the group had never used pastels before and I am happy to say everyone did a great job on their pepper.
We also posted the out paintings on Wetcanvas, another artist site...if you want to see the results of the peppers you can check out this link, the very last post in this thread actually shows our web screens.

I will admit I was nervous teaching over the internet, but it worked out so well, I guess because I had so many screens to look at and they just had mine to see. My pepper turned out much darker then I wanted and a little misshaped, it was hard to paint, talk and watch my computer all at the same time.
For someone who has trouble with the TV remote, I think I did a grand job...LOL

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Calling this finished....almost

There comes a time when one just needs to move on, I am calling this almost finished because I imagine in a few days (mabye weeks) I will come back and tweak it a bit. Guess most of all I need to start something new