Monday, March 19, 2007

Crabapple tea

I worked on this one at an art show over the weekend, have a lot to clean up and fix. This is also one of Dianna Ponting's references.

Ready to eat

Finished the candy dish, glad I was working from a photo and not the real deal, would be hard to resist.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The table cloth

Worked on the table cloth today, if I have the tones correct with the blues I will finish the plate and add a couple more reflections.

Candies are done-and I didn't eat a one..

Of course I am working from a reference photo, makes it easier not to eat as I paint.

Just a little more done

Starting on the front row of candies.

Reflections on the plate

The reflections were fun to paintand sure make the painting.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Five and Six make a mix

I had fun with the black licorice, maybe it is because it is one of my favorites, not so much fun with the yellow coconut one.


Moving right along.

Two Candy, Three Candy

Number two and three candies, fun colors to work with. I love playing with the refections and shadows on the candy.

One Candy

Candy number one and the shadow on the black plate.

Online Painting Class

I am taking a online painting class on from Dianna Ponting. I took her workshop last summer and really like her teaching style and methods of paintings. There are several people taking this course too and I really am enjoying it. Thought I would share the process here. Below is the reference that we are using.